Chiropractic Testimonials

“My care has been outstanding.  Trevor is very knowledgeable about the way the body functions and is an expert at performing adjustments to make improvements in the overall balance of the body.

The biggest improvement has been the elimination of lower back pain from an injury several years ago.  This has helped in my everyday life immensely.  I no longer have to worry about lifting heavy, I’m a Personal Trainer, or doing certain movements that knew were going to irritate that injury.

I feel that everyone can benefit from Chiropractic care.  The better your body is aligned the better functionality you will have.  Chiropractic is not just for injuries, and can promote a more pain-free life by keeping the body in its optimal alignment and thus preventing some injuries.”

- Ben H.

“Since seeing Trevor, I have been able to run and exercise without pain.  I don’t know where I would be, or where my health would be without chiropractic care with Trevor.

Chiropractic care has completely changed my life.  Since I have been seeing Trevor weekly, I have noticed a huge improvement in my quality of life.  I don’t have to worry about my body not being in alignment, I know that my body is functioning fully.

Get started with Chiropractic care sooner than later.  Whether you think you need it or not, every single person will benefit from Chiropractic care.  You will not regret it.”

- Jaylee C.

“Our experience has been great.  Trevor is very attentive to our needs and very caring.  We have always felt confident in his care.

We have noticed less stress and more flexibility.

Chiropractic care is a great option for those seeking overall wellness.”

- Melinda and Juan G.

“I’ve had a wonderful experience entrusting Dr. Trevor with my chiropractic care.  He genuinely cares for his patients and listens to their treatment concerns.

Since I’ve been under the care of Dr. Trevor, my lower back pain is minimal and numbness in my feet and fingers have subsided.  I’m able to eliminate the regular use of pain killers and muscle relaxers through continued chiropractic care.  I’m pleased to acknowledge that my treatment these past months has positively improved my emotional well-being and I’m able to participate in physical activities with little to no back pain.

I definitely would recommend consistent Chiropractic care for a more holistic approach.”

- Shiela R.

“The chiropractic care I have received under Trevor Adams has exceeded all of my expectations. Trevor has been nothing but kind, caring and extremely thorough. He dedicates his time and attention to you during your appointment. He truly shows care and concern for his patients by intentionally asking questions about his patients’ life and taking the time to get to know them. Not only is Trevor very knowledgeable about chiropractic care, he is genuinely concerned about his patients’ overall wellness and health. Along with that, his “bedside manner” makes him a wonderful provider from start to finish when it comes to assessments, adjustments/therapy and patient education.

While under care, I have seen major improvements in my functional ability. Prior to chiropractic care with Trevor, I was in pain halfway through my 12 hour shifts as a nurse and suffering from neck and back pain during daily activities. Since being under Trevor’s care, I have been able to get through my 12 hour shifts without the terrible back and neck pain and able to participate in barre workouts again. I also feel as though I have more energy with a nervous system working properly again!

To someone considering chiropractic care, I would say try it at least once! Although chiropractic care can be scary for first time clients, Trevor is very trustworthy and I am confident in his knowledge and skills. I always know I am in good hands with him and look very forward to all of my appointments. I leave feeling better each time and have a better understanding of my optimal wellbeing with the use of chiropractic care.”

- Hailee E.


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